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Be a local in Stockholm! A collection of 101 essential phrases and secret tips to enhance your visit and discover little secret hideaways in this beautiful city. Find out where to shop for the best vintage stuff, sample delicious meatballs or where to go for a quiet morning stroll.  Keep your travel guide at the tip of your fingers. in flashcard format is available for download onto an Amazon Kindle device. If you don’t have a Kindle device, you can still download the application for free onto your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or any Android software device.

Natalie Waters, author

Ms. Natalie Waters was born and raised in Stockholm.  She studied art in Florence, Architecture in London at the AA (Architectural Association) and spent 4 years working on the Olympic Design Team in London. After which she returned to Stockholm to set-up her own design studio.  Natalie is passionate about life itself and living it to the fullest, skiing (fast & furious), sailing, cooking AND eating (a total foodie) and of course languages speaking fluent Swedish, English and Serbian with decent knowledge of French. German, Italian and Spanish.  She considers herself lucky to count the beautiful city of Stockholm as her hometown! “I still, despite all my travels, think Stockholm is one of the most stunning cities on earth. There’s nothing like a late summer night, sun setting slowly over the silhouette of the city and dashing sparkles of light over the water….” said Ms. Waters.